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At The lettings room, we make the process of letting your property as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our team can advise you on every aspect of your property. This can vary from choosing the right buy-to-let property as an investment, in order to attract the best tenants. The company offers a specialist service from Lettings to Full Management at competitive rates.

We are flexible!

We can meet at your convenience, at a location that suits you. That could be at our office or your apartment - the same applies to our tenants too!

Your property would also be featured on key portal sites!

Our site has been implemented to be user-friendly, which makes use of the latest technology to create a site where finding the right property is both quick and easy. The lettings room is registered with key property portal websites. These sites give our company a worldwide presence placing your property in front of millions of potential tenants.

Just a Tenant or the Job lot!

So if you just want us to find you a tenant and manage the rest yourself - we're happy to do that as well. 
Or we'll manage all aspects of the tenancy, from moving in to checking out and anything else in-between. With our own specialist cleaning service, tradesmen and suppliers we can cover any emergency.

Castleview House
Brand new Studio apartments in this fantastic converted office building in Runcorn. All apartments are completed to a high standard, have lift access to all floors and come with parking for each apartment.
Style G Velocity Tower
Impressive city centre one bedroom apartment available in this fantastic development. A large apartment with an exceptional balcony off the lounge. The property is furnished.
Castleview House
Brand new 2 bedroom apartments in this fantastic new development in Runcorn. Every apartment has a contemporary feel throughout with an open plan kitchen and lounge area with wall mounted heater and phone points.

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