About The Lettings Room

We work hard to match the right tenants to the right properties as quickly and efficiently as possible so landlords get the maximum benefit from working with us and renters can find a home to meet their needs.

At the Lettings Room you can take advantage of a free rental valuation and expect the same level of exemplary service whether you own one or several properties. Our flexible system means we can offer you full management services, introduce you to a great tenant or simply find you the right place to rent.

City Exchange
City Exchange is a fantastic development of new Studio and 1 Bedroom apartments overlooking Bradford Centenary Square. All apartments are completed to a high standard, have lift access and underground parking is available for select apartments.
Style D Velocity Tower
Stunning city centre one bedroom apartment available in this sought after development. Large accommodation with exceptional balcony off the lounge. The property is furnished.
Albert House
The property boasts a modern kitchen with open plan living space, a double bedroom and bathroom. A fantastic location close to all local amenities and transport links. Furnished or unfurnished option is available.
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